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Every Company's Data Is Only As Secure As Its Weakest Employee

At AccuImage, we talk about how the security of any company is only as strong as its weakest employee. Hackers find ways to compromise individual employees using phishing scams, exploiting inadequate passwords or verification procedures,  or otherwise tricking unsuspecting employees into divulging confidential information or worse, allowing the hackers access to the company’s network because of their gullibility.

InHomelandSecurity posted a new article detailing the anatomy of a typical data breach: http://inhomelandsecurity.com/anatomy-of-a-data-breach-how-cybercriminals-get-in/.

AccuImage’s SmartCipher™ software takes the responsibility for protecting data out of the hands of your weakest employee and keeps it in the hands of the security policy makers in the company, where it should be. SmartCipher’s policy-based engine watches documents on protected devices for data that matches the rules set by the security administrators and automatically encrypts the file based on those rules. For instance, documents could be automatically encrypted if a string matching a credit card number or Social Security number is found in a document.

In addition, SmartCipher’s encryption protects the file so that this confidential data is protected no matter where the document ends up. No matter if an employee’s device is lost or stolen, emails are intercepted, or cloud storage accounts are compromised, the encrypted files are still secured and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

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