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Business Process Management and Automated Workflow

Virtually every organization has documents that flow through some kind of work process.


Expense reports, purchase orders, invoices, and travel requests are some common examples. As these documents pass from one person or department to the next, actions are required based on the information at hand. At each step an individual or group must make business related decisions including whether to file the document and consider the process completed or to pass the document on for review or further action.


When these processes are paper-based, they are inherently risky and inefficient.  The process gets bogged down by the inherent slowness of manual routing.  Documents can get lost along the way meaning necessary actions are never taken or, are taken based on incomplete information.  Human error and lack of knowledge means documents go to the wrong people at the wrong time.


It doesn’t have to be this way. With an automated workflow system in place, your entire staff can proactively execute any document used within the enterprise and automatically route it to the responsible individual(s). This process can be initiated either through web-based, electronic forms that are completed in real-time or by converting hard-copy documents into electronic images and data.


Real-time process control and operational efficiencies can also serve your compliance efforts. Document-centric controls and task accountability provide for transparency and tracking for all processes within your organization. Activity monitoring tools enable managers to gain instantaneous insight into activities.


Furthermore, workflow solutions can help you gain higher profits by seeing opportunities and problems well in advance, enabling you to make changes in manufacturing capacity, inventory availability, duplicate change orders, etc.


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