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Data-Centric Security Solutions

Covertix: Data-Centric Security Solutions

Covertix: Data-Centric Security Solutions




AccuImage partners with Covertix software to provide the SmartCipher™ Product Suite.

This solution provides data-centric security which adds persistent control and detailed visibility to the cyber security equation. Our file and data protection reaches beyond the domain boundaries and is independent of any device, network, platform, application or data type. Most of all, it empowers organizations to embrace critical trends like cloud and mobility with the confidence that sensitive data can be protected anywhere it travels. Protect confidential data without affecting business continuity or changing end user’s behaviors.

The SmartCipher™ Product Suite uses patented and enterprise grade security to control, monitor and protect information when it is in motion and at rest, anywhere.

The SmartCipher™ rule set is seamlessly embedded into any file granting full control of any type of file inside or outside the organization. Transparent integration into existing business driven processing with automated rules or manual override allows complete control of who accesses a file. The flexible rule set determines where, when and on what device files are accessed, and what activities each user can perform, anywhere the data travels.

  • Control Corporate Intellectual Property – Prevent internal or external cyber espionage by only allowing corporate IP to be viewed during specific work hours, in a specific location or by someone with a specific role within the company. Secure the organizations’ intellectual property found in corporate contracts, RFPs, financial reports, road map, customer records and more.


  • Cyber Threats – Complement existing cyber security solutions by protecting the actual files, no matter where they reside, so that internal and external threats cannot steal the data.


  • Regulations & Compliance – Control and secure regulated information and provide internal control and information integrity.


  • Third Party Collaborators – Maintain full control over third party collaborators and their access to your confidential data. Our sticky copy feature ensures copied data will have the same policy and protection as the original files, no matter where the file travels or stored.


  • Data Loss PreventationEnsure that data is not lost by embedding tracking capabilities that identifies where a file goes, who accesses it, and where it is used outside of your organization.


  • Non Secured Devices – Share and collaborate confidential files that cannot be stored locally Protected files can be viewed with zero installation on any device, anywhere.