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Document Encryption Secures HIPAA Data - Even On Portable Media

We see more businesses using portable storage media such as flash drives, DVDs, and USB hard drives. In addition, nearly every employee has their own personal account with free cloud storage services such as DropBox, Google Drive, and other such services. All it takes is for one lost or stolen flash drive or a compromised cloud storage account with sensitive data on it to put a company in violation of HIPAA.

4Med Approved reports that one small unencrypted thumb drive resulted in a $150,000 HIPAA penalty after it was stolen from an employee’s vehicle. This HIPAA penalty could have been avoided had the data on that thumb drive been protected by AccuImage’s SmartCipher product, which automatically applies encryption based on the contents of the document without user intervention. This layer of encryption also travels with the document so that the data is secured no matter if it is within the company’s network, stored on portable media or in cloud storage.

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