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SmartCipher™ Add-on for Sharepoint

Control Files When Using SharePoint

SmartCipher™ has developed advanced modules for organizations using file systems such as Citrix and Sharepoint. These file systems require protection that takes into account the file structure, access points, and storage methodologies of these technologies in order to provide comprehensive protection for files that aren’t necessarily stored in a conventional file format.

SmartCipher’s secure data solutions provide secure folders and AES file encryption for files stored in SharePoint, and/or delivered using Citrix platform.


Microsoft SharePoint is a file and version management system used for collaboration in many organizations. The Covertix SmartCipher™ add-on for SharePoint provides all of the file protection available in the other SmartCipher™ products, on SharePoint.

When a file is checked-in to a SharePoint library, the SmartCipher™ add-on identifies whether the file requires protection, according to the company policies and its internal rule set. Likewise, the user can decide on file protection. Any time the file is checked out from SharePoint, the user doing the check-out is authenticated and only authorized users are provided the appropriate access to the file. Checking a file back in is similarly straightforward. The user does not detect any difference, and the SmartCipher™ add-on ensures that the modified document for check-in is properly stored and protected within the SharePoint libraries.

  • Native SharePoint add-on, no external interface.
  • Transparent check-in and check-out processes.
  • Full functionality according to rules and permissions.