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SmartCipher™ Cloud

Protect Confidential Files Stored In The Cloud


SmartCipher™ Cloud controls, protects and monitors any type of file when it is stored up in the cloud and after it is downloaded or shared. SmartCipher™ Cloud automatically and transparently embeds the organizations policies before the files are saved to the cloud ensuring only authorized parties have access to the data and can perform authorized actions with the files.

Ensure confidential and regulated information stays protected when files are in the cloud or downloaded from Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce.com with SmartCipher Cloud.

Covertix SmartCipher Cloud ensures files are not only protected in the cloud, but before they have been uploaded and after the files have been shared or downloaded. Cloud service providers cannot view protected files at any time.

SmartCipher Cloud Benefits:

  • Use your preferred cloud provider
  • File agnostic
  • Monitor, control and protect files during upload or download
  • Monitor, control and protect files when they are at rest in the cloud
  • Monitor, control and protect files once they have been shared with an internal or external party
  • No need to block employee preferred cloud platforms
  • Enables highly regulated industries like healthcare or banking to allow employees and third party vendors to store files in the cloud.
  • Replaces password protection for PDF and Microsoft Office documents.