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SmartCipher™ Collaborator

Control Confidential Information With External Parties


SmartCipher™ Collaborator seamlessly and transparently controls, monitors and protects files shared with external parties such as lawyers, auditors, business partners, contractors and more, without compromising the confidentiality of the information. Cyber criminals are increasingly gaining access to highly confidential information by targeting third party vendors.

How are you ensuring information stays protected when sharing confidential files with external parties? 

SmartCipher Collaborator embeds the organizations’ policy into the file, ensuring the data stays protected no matter where it travels. Organizations can define the permissions on any file based on specific individuals, companies, locations, times and days, and ranges of IP addresses. Users in the organization are free of any need to change their working patterns, because the advanced technology of SmartCipher™Collaborator automatically identifies what files to protect, and what rule sets to apply. The product provides secure folder protection, as well as file encryption and digital rights management protection.

  • Policies are enforced outside the organization.
  • Organization can monitor and track file usage no matter where the files travel.
  • Transparent to users: employees and collaborators work as usual.
  • Rules can be changed and enforced immediately–even if a file has already left the organization.
  • Business relationships change and organizations can revoke access to their files at any time
  • Protection mechanism based on AES and X509 encryption technologies