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SmartCipher™ Enterprise

Control Confidential Files Within The Enterprise

SmartCipher™ Enterprise is a complete, easy-to-use, on-premises data security solution to monitor and protect data found in an organization’s files. Our automated technology ensures maximum privacy, compliance, intellectual property protection, and protection against even the most sophisticated cyber threats. The enterprise solution is appropriate for organizations that want to manage file use within a number of different departments with the need for fool-proof file level security.

The solution can be used for protection, identification, auditing and tracking of privacy data, intellectual property protection, and protection against cyber threats. SmartCipher™ Enterprise can be used to monitor and track file usage, with or without enforcement, for internal or external auditing. The solution allows implementation of our additional products – the SmartCipher™ Mobilility, SmartCipher™ Collaborator or SmartCipher™ Cloud for file rights management of different types of users.

How are you ensuring information stays protected within the organization?

With SmartCipher™ Enterprise, you can eliminate the risk of work disruptions and support tickets by implementing auditing on the entire organization with enforcement on only specific files. This way, the initial implementation is completely smooth, with no impact on employees. Enforcement can be implemented over time, after users have been notified of breaches and potential breaches.

The complete enterprise data security system provides an all-in-one comprehensive solution:

        • Control corporate confidential data within the company
        • Zero need to rip and replace existing processes or platforms
        • Non invasive protection for the enterprise
        • Transparent to the end user – no change to their behavior
        • Automatic protection whenever a file leaves the organization.
        • Organizational policy is a rules-based encryption travling with the file when it is copied, forwarded, saved or edited
        • Full tracking and auditing of every file, with or without policy enforcement, anywhere the file travels
        • Blacklist of applications to prevent the transference of sensitive data over the web (Skype, gChat, etc) .
        • Control, Monitor and Protect files stored in any cloud, repository or any document storage platform.
        • Policy protects files from unauthorized viewers including system admins that implement the policies.
        • Users cannot disable the agent
        • Agent-based or agentless support for users outside of the organization.
        • AES and X509 encryption.