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AccuImage Presents SmartCipher™ for Healthcare

The Covertix SmartCipher™ Healthcare solution enables ethical handling of information and confidential flow within the healthcare eco-system. Our solution offers security & compliance at every step of the care coordination and patient engagement process, thus protecting confidential information.

Healthcare organizations are faced with a proliferation of compliance requirements related to patient information security, operational practices, service delivery procedures, and electronic health record management. Regulatory compliance requirements and industry standards include HIPAA, JCAHO, ARRA, HITECH, and other national and state regulations for patient safety.

Healthcare organizations are held accountable and are responsible for the ethical handling of confidential information.

Sharing files inside and outside of the healthcare organization is a must. It is critical for healthcare organizations to protect any and all confidential information shared internally and with their business partners. It’s necessary to ensure that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and that if there is a security breach, private data cannot be accessed ensuring data confidentiality and regulatory requirements are met.

SmartCipher for Healthcare reaches beyond the healthcare organization’s boundaries making it independent of network, device, application, or data type.

Benefits Include:

  • Protection of all proprietary, confidential and regulated information in motion or at rest, anywhere.
  • It is transparent to the end user and non-disruptive to the patient care
  • Automatic protection without user involvement
  • File and platform agnostic
  • Provides rule-based encryption stays with the file when it is shared, copied, forwarded, or edited
  • Has a scalable API for integration with other applications, such as EMRs
  • Full editing and copying capabilities for authorized users


Covertix empowers healthcare organizations to safeguard confidential and proprietary information at all times.