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SmartCipher™ Mobility

Control Confidential Documents With Anyone, On Any Device

SmartCipher™ Mobility provides transparent file level protection without the need to download a client or an app to view the protected file on any type of device. Share information with authorized users who are allowed to view or annotate the files but not to store, share or alter information. Confidential documents never leave the organization’s protected environment and recipients view the document in our web reader. SmartCipher™ Mobility replaces password protection and provides a solution beyond basic file encryption, offering rights management within the files themselves. Authorized users can access the protected documents using our web reader on any secured or non-secured device.

How do you share confidential documents to non secured devices?

SmartCipher™ Mobility is an appropriate data security solution for sharing information with anyone while limiting their ability to save, external board members, sending invoicing or customer reports, or for allowing viewing of content on a variety of devices (BYOD).

  • Any device with zero installation.
  • Allows viewing and commenting from the recipients of the files.
  • Prevents leaking, forwarding, or misuse of all files.
  • Original documents never leave the enterprise
  • Secured and non-secured devices