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The Covertix SmartCipher™ Product Suite:

Whether you need to protect files from internal threats, accidental data breaches, cyber threats, control regulated data, Covertix has a solution for you. 

Key Features:

  • Control, monitor & protect files with internal and external parties
  • Seamless integration into existing platforms & behaviors
  • Policy creation and enforcement by the organization, not the user/li>
  • Non invasive file control and protection
  • Automatic discovery of content (PII etc)
  • Policy is embedded within the file – at all times
  • Controlled operations – save, edit, print, sticky copy/paste.
  • Dynamic control and revocation
  • Customized audit report Policy violation alerts

Product Suite:

  • SmartCipher™ Enterprise – provides complete, easy-to-use, on-premises data security solution to monitor and protect data found in an organization’s files.


  • SmartCipher™ Mobility – provides transparent file level protection without the need to download a client or an app to view the protected file on any type of device.


  • SmartCipher™ Collaborator – provides the ability to easily and securely collaborate on files with vendors, partners, contractors and other outside parties, without compromising the confidentiality of any information


  • SmartCipher™ Cloud – automatically and easily monitors and protects files stored in the cloud through applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Salesforce.com, etc.