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Are your departments still wrestling with paperwork?

Is the filing and finding of paperwork costing too much?

Are you faced with records retention needs that are flooding your offices and storage areas?

Is forms processing and filing a logistics nightmare?

Have you discovered that mission critical documents are being misfiled, out of file or even lost?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, AccuImage can help.

The primary reason for government entities investing in document management is that users are able to access all forms of digital content in seconds without leaving their seats! Content such as; images of paperwork, faxes, emails, MS office documents, electronic documents, forms and more.


The world of local government is burdened with numerous types of paperwork and forms. Vast amounts of information must be processed, filed and retrieved. This presents any government department with many costly and time consuming records management, life cycle and retention challenges.


AccuImage has worked with local governments across all departments to implement document management and eForms solutions as well as streamlining business processes to assist them in improving “best practices” throughout their organizations.


With our document management solutions in place, mission critical documents and digital assets are secured; password protected and backed up in a central repository ready for access by the entire organization. No longer will documents be stored on individual user’s computers or un-secured file shares.

How are you addressing your long term retention and retrieval of records?

AccuImage can assist you in three major areas:

Document Management Systems


      including the scanners, software, workflow and other solutions to address your content management requirements. We install and train you on the imaging, indexing and retrieval of the imaged documents. Our document management systems also include workflow to streamline your business processes and manage task completions.


eForm Solutions


      including workflow to address requirements to complete and distribute all of your department forms in an electronic format. The implementation of eForms saves literally thousands of dollars and our solution can automatically file your completed forms requiring no labor. eForms can also be retrieved in seconds rather than hours or days.


Document Imaging Service Bureau


    which many departments utilized for the scanning / indexing of Human Resources, Accounting, Tax Revenue and other long term retention records. This is often our first step in assisting you in managing your paper files. We address your back file and historic records with this service.