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With the long term retention requirements for human resource files and student records coupled with the volume of special education, grant and financial files, many academic institutions turn to document management and eForms to address their records management requirements.


Our document management solutions provide a central repository for all documents, across all departments throughout your school district or higher education facility.  Student records, financial documents, Payroll and Human resources records are all securely stored and easily accessible.


The benefit to your organization – greatly reduced time and labor associated with finding, retrieving and delivering critical documents.


Do you know what paper forms are costing you?

A typical school uses more than 50 forms across all its business processes, from enrollment and student services, to human resources, finance, and compliance. Traditional form based business processes are labor intensive, slow, costly and error prone.  Paper forms, duplicates, routing costs and filing labor all present a very costly picture.


eForms uses include:

Student Registration

Employee Benefits Registration

Employment Applications

Purchase Requisitions

Field Trip Permissions

Transfer Requests

Employee Evaluations

Vacation Requests

And many more

Electronic forms remove paperwork and provide a huge benefit in streamlining educational processes. eForms will reduce forms cost, duplicate copies, duplicate data entry and they can even be processed, edited, updated and moved through their work path via workflow.


Workflow speeds business processes and manages the flow of tasks within an organization.  Work is pushed and processed to workers for fulfillment and reporting is available so that management can review and manage the workflow items.


In summary, the paperless office brings numerous cost saving benefits to the education market. From reducing task completion time lines to eliminating needless filing and retrieval labor waste, a document management system enables better control of digital assets and affords the benefits of at your fingertip access to mission critical documents.


We provide our education customers with two forms of solutions for their records management needs:

Document Management Systemsso that both past and ongoing requirements could be addressed with the ability to image documents on a day-to-day basis.  eForms, workflow and a complete document management are key features of this solution.

Document Imaging Service Bureau for customers who have large back files and desire to have them scanned by a professional service company.  No system investment is required to enable searching and rapidly locating records on CD / DVD’s.