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Our document management solution provides an electronic filing system that is ideal for insurance agencies. Structured to handle all the documents used in your insurance agency: letters, reports, claims, referrals, scans, emails, standard forms, contracts, and messages from phone conversations can all be managed efficiently.


The user-friendly interface means your office will come up to speed quickly and with its secure networked design, documents can be made available to anyone in your operation based on his or her need to access the file. Administrators, agents, and executives can enjoy the benefits of never being more than three mouse clicks away from any file in the system.


The average insurance agent has client information stored in multiple files and inefficient processes that affect customer service, increase cost, and inhibit growth. With the help of AccuImage’s electronic filing solution, when a client calls you can instantly locate their files and related documents eliminating callbacks and delays usually necessary when you have to look up information.


Think about how much time is typically spent:

Creating Documents

Filing Documents

Retrieving Documents

Copying Documents

Storing Documents

Taking Messages

Faxing or Mailing Documents

Our electronic filing solution supports the native document format of many existing applications, consolidating data into one organized and secure networked accessible system. In addition to basic filing, storage and retrieval, our solution provides extended integration with office applications such as:

Microsoft Outlook

Intuit QuickBooks

Sage ACT!

Climark Advisors Assistant

Laser App

Your insurance office would save money and be more efficient if you could:

Pull policy holder data electronically and ensure regulatory compliance

Find client records in seconds, and ensure security by guarding access to private files

Track where files are, when they were accessed and by whom

Connect to other applications for typical daily work with memos, spreadsheets, etc.

Send service flashes, news updates, and policy updates electronically via fax or email

Use electronic signatures or PIN codes to speed the approval processes

Easily back up your files to protect your records from catastrophic events.