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Accounts Payable

Millions of invoices arrive daily at businesses worldwide.

Each invoice must be opened, sorted, reviewed, approved, routed, and matched to the purchase order, processed, and ultimately filed and stored for months, if not years. Along with those invoices inevitably come millions of man-hours wasted as a result of manually entering the data into your system for payment. Even more time will be wasted dealing with the results of the incorrectly keyed data.


AccuImage uses the latest technological advances in capture and workflow solutions. These solutions streamline the invoice receipt-to-pay cycle by enabling organizations to convert paper invoices into digital images.


Using advanced data capture solutions; key information is automatically extracted from the invoice images, dramatically reducing the labor typically associated with data entry.


Based on this extracted data, invoices can then be routed to the appropriate personnel for approval using automated workflow and BPM technologies. The gathered information can then be posted to the general ledger of virtually any ERP or accounting system.


Put invoice data at your fingertips.

With our image-enabling tools we give your accounts payable department the ability to quickly retrieve and view scanned invoices from within your payables system. Research that typically requires manually searching through file cabinets or storage facilities can easily and quickly be achieved without leaving your desk.


The advantages of automating invoice processing are clear and plenty:

Reduced receipt-to-pay cycles

Decreased data entry costs

Reduced physical storage costs

Quicker access to information

Advanced knowledge of discount deadlines


Improved vendor relations