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Our document management solution is an electronic filing system that is a great fit for law firms.

You need to efficiently manage all the documents in your firm. Our system is structured to handle letters, contracts, pleadings, claims, referrals, scans, emails, standard forms, phone messages, and many others.


You can dramatically improve both your filing and retrieval efficiency which provides greater productivity for you and your staff.



Our document management system simplifies control, management, and access. By allowing attorneys to instantly view any document or email associated with a specific client, matter, or project, our system dramatically improves attorney efficiency – and firm profitability.



Our solution facilitates sharing among legal teams serving the same client or working on the same matter. The entire firm can leverage more value from forms, pleadings, and other documents that have already been created.


This is real document management – unlike practice management systems that have attempted to add barebones document management features. Our system delivers more flexibility and control. Firms can integrate all file types through a single interface. They can organize valuable intellectual property in whatever way makes the most sense for their individual practices.


It’s easy and focused on saving time. It’s intuitive for users, highly reliable, and exceptionally easy to manage on a day-to-day basis.



It improves document security. It provides security settings for individual documents, users, and groups to protect your confidential data.