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AccuImage’s electronic filing system helps manufacturers meet customers’ changing requirements, while sustaining profitability and consistently producing the highest value product at the lowest possible price.

Structured to handle all the documents used in your operation, engineering change orders, CAD drawings, letters, reports, emails, standard forms, contracts, even messages from phone conversations can all be managed efficiently.


Workflow optimization is a core to the manufacturing process. Our workflow solutions support process improvement and the need to perform “better, faster, and cheaper” through process standardization.


The user-friendly interface means your office will come up to speed quickly and with its secure networked design, documents can be made available to anyone in your operation based on his or her need to access the file. Executives, administrators, management, and staff can enjoy the benefits of never being more than three mouse clicks away from any file in the system.


Think the amount of time your office typically spends:

Creating Documents

Filing Documents

Retrieving Documents

Copying Documents

Storing Documents

Taking Messages

Faxing or Mailing Documents

Our electronic filing solution supports the native document format of many existing applications, consolidating data into one organized and secure networked accessible system. In addition to basic filing, storage and retrieval, our system provides extended integration with office applications such as:


Microsoft Outlook

Intuit QuickBooks

Sage ACT!

Shared Filing Environment and Workflow Management

With our electronic document management and workflow capabilities you need to enforce the filing and work processes, eliminating time routinely wasted tracking down files. Consider the timesaving and boost in efficiency your operation will experience when you:


Put access to documents at your employees’ fingertips

Provide centralized, secure shared access to your documents

Create automated processes for sharing, reviewing and approving documents and drawings via

document workflow

Replace clipboards and paper forms with electronic forms

Enforce security by guarding access to private and confidential files

Track where files are, when they were accessed and by whom

Use electronic signatures or PIN codes to speed the approval processes

Easily back up your files to protect your records from catastrophic events