AccuImage delivers solutions for your business process challenges.

AccuImage, LLC specializes in creating integrated solutions that are customized to meet the needs of our clients today, with an eye toward future growth. With over twenty years’ experience in the business, our professional services team stands ready to offer right-sized solutions that combine best-in-class commercial software with custom development, empowered by detailed analysis of your company’s business needs, technology environment, and business goals.

Intelligent Document Upload

AccuImage's Portal Upload enables your organization to sync operations with your customers through seamless document upload. With intelligent document upload capabilities that allow for direct submission to your organization’s backend systems, you can be assured that critical business documents are received and processed with minimal delay. Securely receive time-sensitive, indexed documents from business partners or customers anywhere in the world in real time, and queue them for immediate action within your organization.

Business Process Workflow

Adding intelligence to document capture via custom upload or advanced capture provides the information your organization needs in order to implement highly specialized processing for business documents. As a long-time business process and workflow management partner, AccuImage can assist in streamlining data flows and leveraging metadata to maximize efficiency and productivity. Whether your business prefers web-based workflows, client-based solutions, or a combination of the two, AccuImage can deploy the technology you need to succeed.

Backend Systems Integration

Data acquisition and workflow processing accomplish the goal of getting data to its intended destination – but in a world of interconnected systems and processes, the destination can be just the beginning. Back end systems, often disparate in form and function, must communicate to contribute to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Whether your organization needs to sync existing systems with incoming data from the web, or combine the resources contained in multiple isolated data silos into a partner access portal, AccuImage can provide the tools you require to turn your business goals into consolidated realities.


AccuImage can repurpose your company’s own data assets to provide predictive and prescriptive analytics, in effect turning “dark data” that would normally not be analyzed, into actionable business intelligence. These insights provide your organization with the information you need in order to proactively execute strategy and stay ahead of the curve, and ahead of the competition.