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AccuImage's Customer Portal Now Live!

AccuImage, LLC now offers clients access to our online Customer Portal, where you can open and track support tickets, and also use our Knowledgebase. Click here to find the customer portal and register your account to gain access.

AccuImage, LLC HelpDesk & Knowledgebase

In our Customer Portal, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Open support requests for software and hardware.
  • Track open support tickets.
  • Search our online Knowledgebase for quick help with common questions.
  • Open a file request to receive a copy of one of your documents that are being scanned in the AccuImage Service Bureau.
  • Request a pickup of boxes to be scanned in the AccuImage Service Bureau.
  • Request a return of boxes that have been scanned in the AccuImage Service Bureau.

Why More Companies Choose Secure Messaging Over Email Communication

In the current Presidential election, email security has been a critical campaign point. With the publicity surrounding Hillary Clinton’s email security, many companies are more focused on finding the best ways to handle secure communications.

AccuImage has partnered with Vaporstream to serve our customers with the best Secure Messaging options in the market today. Vaporstream’s CEO, Galina Datskovsky, shares her analysis of how our Secure Messaging products can protect our customers against such situations in her article at Information Security Buzz.

Contact AccuImage, LLC for more information on Vaporstream’s Secure Messaging products.

An Interview with AccuImage's Roy Payne Concerning Secure SMS

AccuImage’s CEO, Roy Payne, was recently interviewed concerning secure SMS and our new partnership with Vaporstream.

“We have seen … the growing importance of SMS-type data in today’s business environment,” Payne said. “In our opinion, SMS texting is the last frontier and the last mile” with respect to business communications data that organizations can effectively manage.

Read the full article here.

AccuImage, LLC Announces Partnership with Vaporstream

AccuImage, LLC welcomes its new partnership with Vaporstream, a developer of Secure Mobile Messaging systems. Vaporstream’s secure, ephemeral messaging solution to its business process solutions portfolio adds tremendous value to AccuImage’s business process managment solutions.

Click here to read the official press release regarding our newest partnership. Contact us for more information about our Vaporstream suite.

Text Messaging: Take Control of The New Email

Join AccuImage, LLC and our partner Vaporstream for our joint webinar on how to protect the security of text messaging. Learn more about:

  • Market trends concerning BYOD, COPE and secure messaging
  • Controlling communications once they leave devices
  • Ensuring texts are incorporated into your information management and governance strategies
  • Alleviating concerns about inappropriate use, information propagation or data leaks
  • Handling potential data breaches when phones are lost or stolen

Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Time: 2:00 – 3:00 EDT


  • Roscoe Shelton; Senior Systems and Security Analyst; AccuImage, LLC
  • Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D., CRM, FAI; CEOVaporstream


Register here.

Covertix Announces New Classification Engine

Individuals can easily classify data assets on the fly with a simple interface to protect them internally or externally at rest or in motion.

Covertix, a leading data-centric security provider, is releasing version 3.10 of SmartCipher™, its real-time dynamic data discovery, classification, governance, control, and encryption solution.

The real-time policy engine spreads the power of classification across the organization. Individuals can classify documents as they are being created or used, in addition to the policies provided companywide by the IT team.

Covertix SmartCipher is completely scalable to any size enterprise requirement, protecting information used and created across and within departments for both the simplest and most complex corporate processes. Exceptionally granular or automated classification are available within the SmartCipher discovery engine and completely customizable based on who, what, when, where, and how.

A single classification – such as confidential – can have multiple policies, such as HR confidential; legal confidential, with access and editing capabilities by internal and external parties, but without allowing any copying; or even IT confidential, where IT personnel can administer security but not see the content of the materials they are securing. Furthermore, SmartCipher can protect information leaving the organization “on purpose,” such as ensuring the security of customers’ own records upon their receipt.

Documents can be protected within any environment in which they are being used – Microsoft Office applications, Google Docs, Google Drive, SharePoint, DropBox, Box, Citrix, Outlook, Office 365, SalesForce, and any browser.

Covertix SmartCipher™ easily imports existing classification and policy structures. If a document contains metadata, such as credit card numbers, it and any documents like it can be automatically classified. Users can select both policies and classifications, while IT admins can determine overall policy structure.

“You cannot protect information until you can classify it,” says Tzach Kaufmann, Covertix founder & CTO. “SmartCipher protects the information immediately upon classification, by person, action, location, context, and more.”

Governance receives an extra boost with this version, as documents can automatically receive customizable water marks and headers display the policies, such as “for internal use only.” Email, too, receives an extra layer of protection where both the messages and the attachments can receive the same or different policies. Colored frames quickly and easily inform the contents’ users about the specific policy classification of files in use, no matter the type or location.

Administration is simple, with one screen for all operations. Users can see the permitted operations, such as copy, paste, print, share, etc. within a specific policy, the internal and external groups who can or cannot perform these actions, and the usage conditions, such as the inability to change the file name or access parameters, such as devices, locations, and times. The “What If” capabilities allow policies to be tested, and policies easily revert to previous versions if the administrator makes an error.

The new version streamlines integration with multiple platforms, such as cloud-access security brokers, IAM, EFFS, and more.

SmartCipher 3.10 will be available this quarter.

For more information, contact AccuImage, LLC now.

Every Company's Data Is Only As Secure As Its Weakest Employee

At AccuImage, we talk about how the security of any company is only as strong as its weakest employee. Hackers find ways to compromise individual employees using phishing scams, exploiting inadequate passwords or verification procedures,  or otherwise tricking unsuspecting employees into divulging confidential information or worse, allowing the hackers access to the company’s network because of their gullibility.

InHomelandSecurity posted a new article detailing the anatomy of a typical data breach: http://inhomelandsecurity.com/anatomy-of-a-data-breach-how-cybercriminals-get-in/.

AccuImage’s SmartCipher™ software takes the responsibility for protecting data out of the hands of your weakest employee and keeps it in the hands of the security policy makers in the company, where it should be. SmartCipher’s policy-based engine watches documents on protected devices for data that matches the rules set by the security administrators and automatically encrypts the file based on those rules. For instance, documents could be automatically encrypted if a string matching a credit card number or Social Security number is found in a document.

In addition, SmartCipher’s encryption protects the file so that this confidential data is protected no matter where the document ends up. No matter if an employee’s device is lost or stolen, emails are intercepted, or cloud storage accounts are compromised, the encrypted files are still secured and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

Contact AccuImage today for more information on how SmartCipher™ can protect your company.

SmartCipher(TM) Product Suite Provides Policy-Based Data Security

Covertix’ SmartCipher(TM) solution provides policy-based data-centric security, automatically applying encryption to documents that meet the criteria defined by the company’s administrators in the policy.

This article at Document Imaging Report provides more detail on the SmartCipher(TM) product suite: Covertix Dynamic Context Classification Engine Delivers On-the-fly Protection.

Accuimage, LLC has partnered with Covertix to provide our customers with this advanced form of document protection. Contact us today to learn more about how SmartCipher(TM) fits with your company’s security strategies.

Document Encryption Secures HIPAA Data - Even On Portable Media

We see more businesses using portable storage media such as flash drives, DVDs, and USB hard drives. In addition, nearly every employee has their own personal account with free cloud storage services such as DropBox, Google Drive, and other such services. All it takes is for one lost or stolen flash drive or a compromised cloud storage account with sensitive data on it to put a company in violation of HIPAA.

4Med Approved reports that one small unencrypted thumb drive resulted in a $150,000 HIPAA penalty after it was stolen from an employee’s vehicle. This HIPAA penalty could have been avoided had the data on that thumb drive been protected by AccuImage’s SmartCipher product, which automatically applies encryption based on the contents of the document without user intervention. This layer of encryption also travels with the document so that the data is secured no matter if it is within the company’s network, stored on portable media or in cloud storage.

Contact AccuImage, LLC for more information about how our SmartCipher solution can protect your company’s sensitive information.


Source: http://www.4medapproved.com/hitsecurity/small-thumb-drive-brings-large-hipaa-penalty/ 

AccuImage's SmartCipher™ Solution Secures Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI)

AccuImage can provide data centric security for your electronic protected health information (ePHI) using our Covertix SmartCipher™ solution.

Health care is a vulnerable sector with respect to cyber security. Medical institutions are attractive targets, and attackers are becoming more sophisticated. According to the Ponemon Institute’s Fifth Annual Benchmark Study of Privacy and Security of Health Care Data, criminal attacks against ePHI have increased by 125% over the last five years.  Health care organizations are trusted with sensitive health information and the compromise of this data potentially risks lives.

We offer the Covertix SmartCipher™ solution to provide persistent and transparent protection of critical medical data assets. Authorized users will be able to work normally while our solution provides protection using industry standard encryption along with complete control of the confidential patient data.

SmartCipher™ provides seamless persistent protection by wrapping the actual data with a protection layer that secures the data itself be it in motion, at rest or in use.

SmartCipher™ adds ongoing control and protection, securing patient data that resides within, as well as outside of the healthcare organization’s boundaries, independent of network, device, application or data type. For example, if data has been transferred to an external drive or uploaded to a remote location it will not be useable by an unauthorized person. Care providers will have complete control and protection of the confidential data with extended reporting and audit capabilities for compliance. Our solution provides the ability to lock down security and provide audit compliance from the point at which data has been received, all the way through to the last critical mile of exchanging patient data.

Contact our team at AccuImage today!  We will demonstrate our unique and robust solution for protecting data that is specific to your industry.


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