How AccuImage Integrates Document Management With Other Systems
How AccuImage Integrates
May 10, 2018


Document Management System


Our Document Management Software, PSIsafe, is an “out-of-the-box” software package that improves operating efficiency by putting all your documents at your fingertips. PSIsafe includes template-based document capture and creation and robust retrieval capabilities including structural, keyword, and full-text search. PSIsafe allows you to store, manage and export documents in their native formats. PSIsafe includes powerful document workflow capabilities to allow you to route, track and manage documents throughout your operation based on your business rules and practices. Automating these processes in PSIsafe improves productivity and accountability by providing a management console to monitor and re-allocate items that are “in-process.” PSIforms can be used to replace paper forms to further improve data capture and reporting to enhance your business processes.


PSIsafe provides built-in Rights Management, Audit and Retention capabilities to allow you to control your valuable document assets. CNG-SAFE is a critical element in your HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, SEC or other compliance strategies. Configurable retention policy support within PSIsafe lets you make sure you meet your industries’ requirements for keeping certain types of documents.


We understand your business is complex and you rely on more than one software product to do your job. PSIsafe provides a document management platform that can be integrated with accounting, CRM, practice management and other mission critical applications. This allows your employees to access documents that are stored in PSIsafe without switching back and forth between multiple programs. Integration also means elimination of costly and error-prone duplicate data entry. Integration makes PSIsafe the ideal document management platform for the small to medium sized enterprise.

Cost Effective

PSIsafe customers typically report extremely favorable ROI results. Our full featured software can be configured out of the box by non-programmers to meet your specific requirements. That means your time to implement and go live is a matter of days, unlike many systems with similar capabilities.

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