Document Management System
April 11, 2017
Guide to Going Paperless
Guide To Going Paperless
June 9, 2018

How AccuImage Integrates

How AccuImage Integrates Document Management With Other Systems

Do you realize that the average office worker spends 25-30% of thier time chasing paperwork and documents? The primary reason organizations invest in Document Management Systems is that users are able to access all forms of digital content – images of paperwork, faxes, emails, MS Office documents, electronic documents, forms and more in seconds without leaving their seats! Many organizations have enabled copiers to scan and store images thinking that they have a “system” to manage their vital records. But where?

  • Where are all of those images scanned by individuals today?
  • Can your entire staff locate ALL of your mission critical documents in seconds?
  • How are they filed?
  • Who has access to them?
  • Can they search for documents or images using key words?
  • Are they secure and is your organization compliant?
  • Have you been able to also store electronic documents, emails, faxes and more?

With a true Document Management System in place, mission critical documents and digital assets are secured; password protected and backed up within an Electronic Filing Cabinet.  No longer will documents be stored on individual user desktop computers but in a central repository, ready for access by the entire organization. Massive labor savings are accomplished with workflow.  It speeds business processes and manages the flow of tasks within your organization.  Work is pushed to workers for fulfillment and reporting is available so that management can review and manage the workflow items. In summary, the paper-less office brings numerous cost saving benefits to your organization.  From reducing task completion time lines to eliminating needless filing and retrieval labor waste, a Document Management System enables better control of your digital assets and affords you the benefits of at your fingertip access to mission critical documents. Contact us for more information and an analysis of your current document management situation.

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